How Can Smart Home Help My Phone Repair Business?
We believe that the smart home market is on the rise and is something consumers need face-to-face explanations for. Luckily, we can help you become your local go-to spot for all smart home inquiries. You can now bring in customers for additional reasons outside of their phone being broken! Additionally, we would highly recommend you consider offering installation services for your customers as well.
Repair is here to stay, but it is becoming more competitive. Using smart home as an additional revenue stream will help bring new opportunities and growth to your business.

Here at Injured Gadgets, we do everything we can to help find profitable and relevant revenue streams for you to add to your business. There is a large market need for smart home hardware installation. 81% of consumers would be more likely to purchase smart home products if they were installed for them by a professional. By charging a flat installation fee + labor costs you will be able to make additional profits for your business. We plan on adding a Premium brand or two in the near future to better help serve diverse hardware for your customer's needs.

♦ US smart home market is worth $40 million/yr by 2024 (currently 28m).
♦ 81% of buyers say they would be more likely to buy if it was going to be installed for them.
 47% of millennials have smart home products in their homes.
♦ 57% of Americans say that having smart products in their house saves them about 30 minutes per day, that’s 182.5 hours a year, or roughly a week and a half.

Smart Bulbs
With smart bulbs, you have full control over your lights. You can change colors either RBG or warmer/softer white depending on the model. You can control the brightness level, set on timers, and group lights together for convenient control. All of the controls can be done via the app or via voice commands. 

Smart Outlets
With smart outlets, you can have full control over your outlet power. You can control any item plugged into the outlet on/off. You can set schedules to turn outlets on/off at certain times and all of the controls can be done via the app or via voice commands. 

Smart Doorbell
With the smart doorbell, you can get motion alerts, doorbell alerts, capture photos, record videos, and have two-way voice communication. The doorbell can be hardwired or can be used with the rechargeable battery pack. 

More coming soon!
We will be bringing more smart home hardware soon to help you expand. If you have any specific hardware requests, please let us know!

How do we position smart home products for sale in our store?

What is compatible with iView products?

What does it mean when it says iView products are compatible with Google/Amazon?

Do iView smart home products require a hub?

Is control limited to one user/device?

What socket and bulb size do our smart bulbs fit in?

Can Alexa/Google change the color of the smart bulbs?

Can I control my iView Smart Bulb from multiple devices?

Can I still turn the lights on and off without using the App?

Can I still control my lights even though I’m far away?

How do I connect to the Amazon Alexa/Google Home application?

How do I set up my iView Smart Bulb with my Amazon Echo?

How do I set up my iView Smart Bulb?

Can iView Smart Bulbs be safely used outside?

What is the warranty?

We've created a Google Drive filled with all of the information you will need to successfully launch this product in your store. It has everything from FAQs to educate your employees/customers to graphics and will be updated regularly!

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x3Mr7KQkPID6LOiE6Y66TWQ_2QSW2FL_?usp=sharing

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