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  • What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Breaks?

    Smart devices such as smart phones and mobile devices like tablets have become a part of everyday life. However, with an increased frequency of use come an increased risk of damage and the need for repairs. There are many types of common repairs for items like iPhones and iPads, including screen repairs, hard drive repairs, and more. If your iPhone has broken in any way, consider the following guide to help you decide what you need to do next.

    Step 1: Find out what needs repairing

    What is the extent of the damage to your iPhone? Do you have a cracked iPhone screen, or are you having problems with a sluggish iPhone or iPad, or is the damage serious enough to warrant a total rebuild iPhone or iPad?

    Step 2: Decide if you want to attempt your own repair or send it out

    Depending on the seriousness of the damage, you may be able to do a small repair yourself after buying replacement parts and the necessary tools; or you’ll need to send in your iPhone to be repaired by a professional third party. It is technically less expensive to buy the tools and parts yourself, but if you are experienced in iPhone repair—particularly when it comes to replacing screens and repairing internal damage—you should spend a little bit more to send it out.

    Step 3: Find the right shop for replacement parts and/or repairs

    Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to find the best shop to buy replacement parts or to send for repairs. Some stores that offer replacement parts also offer repairs, but this will depend on the business. The best way to find the best stores is to look for online reviews of their quality, and ask around to find out if anyone has had experiences with them. The best stores will have experience in repairing iPhones and other smart devices, and they will have a record of providing quality service for their customers.

    Step 4: Get it repaired—and enjoy your fixed phone!

    If you repair your phone yourself, you’ll have to wait for the parts to arrive before you can repair and enjoy your fixed phone. If you decide to send your phone in, you simply send it through the mail and patiently wait for your repaired iPhone to be finished and sent back. All that’s left to do after that is enjoy your fixed phone!

  • 3 Essential Tools All Phone Repairers Need

    Someone who repairs phones needs to know the ins-and-outs of phone technology, as well as the techniques and tools required to properly repair phones that have become damaged due to external trauma or simply due to the ravages of time on hard drives, charger slots and other components. The following are some of the most essential tools you’ll need in order to repair phones.

    Pry Tools and other Openers

    Pry tools and other opening tools are essential for opening up phones, especially smart phones—and in particular, iPhones, which can be stubborn to open without the proper tools. However, specialized pry tools will make it much easier and faster to open phones, shaving minutes off your repair time and reducing the risk of damage from trying to open the phone with the wrong tools.


    A magnetic screwmat for all gadgets is an essential part of any phone or mobile device repair workshop. A screwmat is designed to keep all of your tools and even some parts in one place, eliminating the risk of them being lost in the shuffle on a table, desk or traditional workbench. This is critical when repairing phones which often involve lots of small parts. You can even find iScrews iPhone screw trays specifically designed for iPhones; this is especially useful if you frequently repair iPhones.


    Screwdrivers are another essential tool that many repairers often overlook due to its simplicity. However, without the proper sized and shaped screwdrivers, it will be impossible to fix any type of cell phone or smart phone. You can often find phone-oriented screwdrivers at online shops which sell cell phone repair tools, and it is recommended that you purchase your screwdrivers from a specialized shop which understands the size and type of screwdriver typically used in phone repairs.

  • Tips for Buying Smart Device and Smart Phone Parts

    Are you looking to purchase replacement parts for smart devices, such as smart phones and tablets? Whether you're a wholesale parts distributor, a mobile device repair business, or simply a layman who needs parts to fix their own device, you can benefit from the following best tips for buying replacement smart device parts.

    Tip #1: Always purchase wholesale when you can

    This tip is especially true if you are purchasing parts for a business. Wholesale prices for items like wholesale screen protectors and tempered glass will provide you with significant discounts when compared to buying non-wholesale. You can find all kinds of cell phone parts and repair tool kits at great prices for wholesale, including screens, cases, and much more.

    Tip #2: Purchase from specialized shops

    Although you may be able to find certain smart phone replacement parts at standard shops, your best bet for reasonably priced and quality parts is a specialized shop which deals in buying and selling replacement parts. These shops often have years of experience in the industry and know exactly what both personal and business shoppers need when it comes to buying parts for repairing smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

    Tip #3: Know your parts

    It is a lot easier to buy the proper replacement parts when you know the parts needed to repair phones and other mobile devices. When you know how a phone works, and how it goes together, you’ll have a much easier time finding the right parts to purchase when it comes time for repairs. This tip is especially useful for non-business buyers who only need to repair one or a few phones at a time.

    Tip #4: Check reviews if you’re unsure

    If you’re unsure about a particular shop offering replacement parts, check out the reviews for that shop. A good business will have positive reviews about their products and service.

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Cell Phone Replacement Parts

    Buying cell phone replacement parts may be common enough, but there are unfortunately some common mistakes that many people--both professional businesses and individuals--make when they decide to purchase replacement parts for their phone. If you are interested in buying cell phone replacement parts, consider the following mistakes that you will definitely want to avoid.

    Mistake #1: You buy the wrong brand of part

    When you're buying replacement parts for your phone, you need to make sure that you're buying the right brand. For example, if you have a Huawei phone, you'll need to purchase Huawei phone replacement parts; if you purchase a different brand instead of Huawei phone replacement parts, that part may not work at all or it could potentially damage your phone.

    Mistake #2: You buy regular instead of wholesale

    Wholesale prices are some of the best prices you’ll find for replacement phone parts, which is why it’s highly recommended that you ensure you’re buying wholesale parts whenever possible. If you don’t, you may end up spending far too much for your phone parts.

    Mistake #3: You buy your parts from an inexperienced company

    You should only buy your replacement parts for phones from established, professional and experienced companies. You should ideally look for companies that specialize in selling phone and electronic parts, as they will have the best supplies, the best prices, and the best overall experience for anyone looking to purchase phone parts.

    Mistake #4: You don’t know what parts you actually need

    It’s essential that you know what parts you really need for your repair and replacement before you make your final purchase, or you could end up spending money on items that are useless in the long run. Make sure that you know which parts you need before you start shopping to spare yourself the wasted funds.

  • Why You Should Get A Galaxy Note Repair Kit?

    If you have a Galaxy Note and have had the misfortune to experience any damage to your phone--whether as the result of an accident on your part or simply damage from wear and tear on your Galaxy Note--then you definitely considering purchasing a Galaxy Note repair kit. In fact, you should consider purchasing a Galaxy Note repair kit even if you haven't been unfortunate enough to experience damage to your Galaxy Note--buying a repair kit in advance will save you the hassle of purchasing one later! Let's take a closer look at why you should get a Galaxy Note repair kit for your mobile device.

    They can take care of many basic repairs

    As anyone who has owned a mobile device can tell you, basic repairs will be required from time to time to keep your Galaxy Note in top shape. A Galaxy Note repair kit or Galaxy replacement screen kit will ensure that you can take care of these basic and all too common repairs on your own using the tools and parts included in the kit.

    They are a better deal than buying everything on its one

    One of the best things about a Galaxy replacement screen kit or Galaxy Note repair kit is that they actually offer you a better deal on the parts and tools necessary to perform these types of repairs than if you were to buy everything on its own.

    You can get them wholesale

    Many companies offer these kits at wholesale prices, which can save you lots of money in the long run, especially if you need to purchase more than one kit or plan on using these kits to perform phone and mobile device repairs for your business. Wholesale prices—especially if you are buying in bulk—are the best way to go about saving money.

  • A Guide to Buying Cheap Wholesale iPhone Replacement Parts, USA

    It's not always easy to find the right cheap wholesale iPhone replacement parts, USA. Especially if you are looking for parts for newer models, such as bulk iPhone 6 plus replacement parts. Despite the potential for difficulty, it is possible to find cheap wholesale iPhone replacement parts if you know where to look--and how to shop for them. The following are 3 essential tips to keep in mind when looking for bulk iPhone 6 plus replacement parts and other iPhone parts.

    Tip: Buy in bulk to save money

    Buying wholesale replacement parts for iPhones can add up, despite the wholesale pricing. That’s why it’s recommended that you buy them in bulk to save money whenever possible and when it will be cost effective for you and your business. For example, if you run a business that repairs iPhones and you see a lot of damaged screens, it is more cost effective to buy replacement screens in bulk because you will be using them often.

    Tip: Go for a supplier with a bigger inventory

    While you can choose to buy from multiple suppliers, it is easier—and usually less expensive—to find one replacement parts supplier who offers a broad, large inventory that meets all of your replacement part needs.

    Tip: Know your parts

    One of the most common mistakes people make when buying replacement iPhone parts is not knowing exactly which parts are necessary for certain models. Be sure that you are familiar with iPhone parts to avoid this mistake.

  • Things You Need to Know About Cell Phone Repair Kit Best Buy

    When it comes to purchasing wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. For instance, are you going to purchase a cell phone repair kit best buy? Or a repair kit for a different mobile device? When you're preparing to purchase your next wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, consider the following 3 things that you definitely need to know.

    #1: Not all repair kits are the same

    There are actually countless types of repair kits available out there today. In addition to general cell phone repair kit best buy, repair kits are sometimes tailored to specific types of devices (such as cell phones, tablets, and so on). They are even kits designed for specific brands or models of mobile phone or device.

    #2: You’ll probably need an additional tool kit

    Regardless of what type of phone you’re going to repair, you will probably need to purchase an additional tool kit so that you have everything you might possibly need on hand when you begin your repair. The tool kits that you should consider purchasing are a precision knife tool kit, which will provide you with various knife blades that are very handy when it comes to repairing cell phones and mobile devices; as well as a pair of repair-oriented tweezers with a very fine, curved tip.

    #3: You can find great wholesale prices online

    The best prices for repair kits are wholesale prices, which are often offered by online retailers who specialize in selling replacement and repair parts for cell phones and other types of mobile devices. Wholesale prices will ensure you’re paying less for the same quality repair parts and kits that you would be purchasing elsewhere.

  • Injured Gadgets Announcing New Products And Services At The Prepaid Expo In Las Vegas

    Are you prepared to hear exciting news about the latest the very best phone and mobile device parts and accessory store has to offer? Then join Injured Gadgets at The Prepaid Expo! Injured Gadgets CEO, Aakshay Kripalani, will be speaking about adding wireless repair, upsells, and accessories! It was recently announced that he will be one of the key speakers at the upcoming The Prepaid Expo, and their significant announcement about upcoming products and services that Injured Gadgets will be offering is opening up a whole new world for the company—and its customers.

    What Injured Gadgets Has to Offer?

    Thanks to the hard work of Aakshay Kripalani/CEO, Injured Gadgets, the company currently offers a very wide range of accessories and parts for almost every type of smart phone and other mobile device. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, parts and accessories for iPhones from the iPhone 3s model to the newest iPhone 7 Plus model; parts and accessories for iPads, Samsung Galaxy phone models, Galaxy Note models, Kindle Fire, HTC Evo 4G and so much more.

    The Prepaid Expo Announcement

    At the expo, the CEO of the company will be revealing the new services and products that will broaden the horizons of the company and its clientele. The new services are expected to include services for wireless repair, new up-sells, as well as new accessories on offer for a variety of phones and mobile devices.

    The IG Difference

    There is a reason why this company is considered the best parts and accessory store in the business: their years of experience in the industry gives the insider knowledge necessary to know exactly what their customers need and want and provide it with top notch customer service.

    Why wait? Join Injured Gadgets at The Prepaid Expo!

  • What to Do With a Cracked iPhone Screen?

    A cracked iPhone screen is one of the most common types of damage to iPhones, and there are generally two options when this happens: have your phone repaired or replace it altogether. The following are some important things to keep in mind when you have a cracked iPhone screen; consider the following factors when making your decision about what to do with your damaged phone.

    Does the phone still turn on and operate?

    Although you probably won't be able to use the phone with a cracked screen, you should be able to tell if the phone still turns on, holds a charge, and otherwise appears to work outside of the screen issue. If so, you should consider getting the screen repaired rather than replacing your phone. If the phone is not working, you should consider replacing it completely. You may be able to sell your phone to a company that wants to buy iPhone replacement parts wholesale which they can sell to companies who do phone repair.

    How old is the phone?

    If you have a very old phone, it may not be worth repairing due to the fact that iPhone replacement parts wholesale for older parts are much harder to find, making it more costly for companies to repair it. You may actually save money by replacing your phone in this case—though you can still make some money by selling your phone for parts.

    How do you sell your phone for parts?

    If you decide to replace your phone rather than have it repaired, you can sell it for parts online through auction sites or specialized phone parts resale sites. Companies who buy phone parts are often suppliers of phone repair companies, who require specialized iPhone parts in order to do certain kinds of repairs on their customer’s damaged phones.

    Where should you get your phone repaired?

    You should send your damaged iPhone to a reputable phone repair company that specializes in repairing smart phones and other mobile devices. You should always research the reputation and reviews of this company before sending in your phone to ensure that you are dealing with a professional, high quality company with great customer service.

  • Things You Didn’t Know About Hand Fidget Spinners

    Hand fidget spinners are the latest popular craze to sweep schools, offices, and everything in between—but how much do you really know about these popular gadgets? Let’s take a look at interesting facts that you (probably!) didn’t know about hand fidget spinners.

    Fact #1: They were invented in the 1990s

    Although they are now forever associated with the year 2017 due to their hard and fast rise to fame in the spring of 2017, fidget spinners have been around in various forms since the 1990s. In their earlier years, they were often marketed as being beneficial for children with ADHD, autism and other special needs, as the use of the spinner may help develop fine motor skills; spinners may also work as a point of focus for children who need help concentrating during class.

    Fact #2: There are different kinds of spinners

    Not all spinners are created alike! Fidget spinners come in an array of different sizes, colors, styles, and even materials. The most common materials are metal and plastic, with metal spinners typically being the more versatile of the two common materials. Spinners all share a same basic style—a middle bearing with three protrusions—but the exact design can vary wildly. Some spinners feature rectangular legs, while others feature legs molded into various shapes such as triangles, flowers and more.

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