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The Seek Stand by VCC Board Repairs

Seek Compact Thermal Camera Stand Tripod Diagnosing Shorts Repair Tool

- This listing is for the Stand ONLY. 
- Does not include the Seek Compact Thermal Camera
- Does not include the iPhone
- This has been tested to work with iOS version of the camera 
- Compatible with:
--Seek Compact
--Seek Compact XR
--Seek Compact Pro
- This stand only includes an iOS Lightning extension cable.
- If you want to use USB C or Micro USB version you'll need to get your own 3ft (1m) extension cable and it might require some minor modification to the stand to get your USB C or MicroUSB cable to fit. 
- This listing does not guarantee USB C or Micro USB compatibility
PLEASE contact us if you have any questions.
Here is a tutorial on how to use & assemble this stand:
Here's another video showcasing the stand:
- This stand gives you hands-free ability to scan for heat when diagnosing motherboards.
- You can easily adjust it up & down
- You can rotate it 360 degrees.
- It has a lot of clearance to fit iPhones, iPads in the housing, and even a MacBook
How to assemble:
-This kit arrives disassembled & requires you to put it together
1. Slide the post through the blue arm.
2. Attach the post to the bottom base plate using the provided screw
3. Attach the phone holder to the top of the post
4. Coil the lightning extension cable & fit it into the blue arm & connect to the Seek & iPhone
5. Now you're ready to use!
This was made in collaboration with Profixerr.