Term and condition information

We strive to make your RMA processing as easy as possible. With our online RMA it’s as easy as logging into your account, creating a return and sending us your product. Our automated system will generate a label for you if requested, notify you of any questions about your return and let you know when it is completed. Returns not submitted online may experience processing delays.

Injured Gadgets offers a limited lifetime replacement policy for all of our parts which applies to recurring clients with monthly orders. If you are no longer purchasing from Injured Gadgets with the same or similar volume as previous or are a non-recurring client our warranty is only extended for 60 days for refund, exchange or store credit.

Recurring Customers

Acceptance of products:  Items purchased in the previous 60 days  will be accepted for return (except as otherwise stated below).    Refunds can be given if the item was purchased within 60 days  and store credit or exchange for all other eligible items in RMA.   Items  with certain stickers and/or packaging or older versions will not be accepted for return at all.

Any item returned that is eligible for refund or store credit will be valued at the current sale price of the item or your purchase price (whichever is lower).We do this because in this industry prices drop significantly even month to month. Since we offer a lifetime warranty an item returned a year later may be half the price it was when you originally purchased it. For any exchanges, we will gladly exchange the item as long as we still carry it in our store.  Items to be exchanged are limited to 20 items per RMA. Any items in addition to this will be applied as store credit. Keep this in mind when you are preparing your return online.

Any item no longer carried or sold by Injured Gadgets is not eligible for a refund or store credit if the item being returned has been purchased greater than 60 days ago.  OEM pulls that are removed from our website will be eligible for store credit if the RMA is done within 60 days of purchase.

Service Packs: Service packs are only eligible for return if they are “Product Not Needed” or “Wrong Item Ordered”.  These items are direct from the manufacturer and have been quality tested at the factory with little or no chance of defect.  Any perceived defect may be installation damage which is not covered by warranty.  If they are installed they are not warrantied.

Small Tools, accessories, tape, ProtectionPro and screen protectors are NOT eligible for returns outside of 60 days. Defective items in these categories are eligible for store credit or exchange only within that 60 day period.

No Restocking Fee on items ordered in the last 90 days: If items are returned unused, resellable and in their original condition and packaging a restocking fee will NOT be assessed as long as the item was ordered in the last 90 days. That means that product cannot be used, or packaging  written on, stickers or stamps applied or destroyed in any manner. If packaging is destroyed then a 10% restocking fee will apply.

Defective Batteries: Batteries are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase. You are no longer required to send in defective batteries due to safety issues. Please list the batteries in your RMA and attach a picture of the front of the battery so we can apply credits/refund/exchanges. Please do NOT send defective batteries to us. ONLY send not needed, unopened or incorrectly sent batteries. If you are submitting batteries alone please email returns@injuredgadgets.com with your RMA number so that it can be processed. If you send batteries you will be charged a $10 disposal fee.

RMA Insurance: Packages get lost all the time with shipping companies these days. Protect yourself from losing valuable products. We now offer RMA insurance!! If you create an online RMA listing all of the items in your return AND use one of our return labels (free or purchased from us) and should your return be lost or damaged in shipping it would be covered in its entirety with either exchange or store credit. The use of our label without RMA insurance would only entitle you to up to $100 of the value in exchange or store credit but with RMA insurance at the rate of $1.00 per $100 in value will cover the ENTIRE amount listed in your RMA. RMA insurance can only be purchased prior to shipping and the package must be accepted by FedEx or its representative in order to be valid.

Rejected Items: Stickers, markings and stamps...Oh my! Figuring out “whose product is whose” is a guessing game. The RMA department is always here to help you. You can email pictures of the items to us at returns@injuredgadgets.com and we can let you know if it is ours. In case items are sent in your RMA that are not ours or are damaged we have an option available to you to send back rejected items. Just click on “Return Reject” and should there be any rejected items they will be sent back to you and a fee of $10 will be deducted from your return. You will always receive notification from us letting you know if you have rejected items and they will be held for fifteen (15) days upon completion of your RMA so that you may request them back if you have not chosen the “Return Reject” option but after the fifteen (15) days have passed they will be disposed of without further notification.

Order Discrepancies: Please verify your order upon receipt. Confirm item, color and check for visible damages (broken glass, torn flexes, missing parts). You must notify us within 5 days upon receipt of your order.Please email returns@injuredgadgets.com or your representative a short description of the problem making sure to add a picture of the item, and any other relevant information so that we may investigate the problem and make it right!! We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase and our service! Please keep in mind that damaged and defective items are different. Due to the nature of delicate electronic component parts, defects are an unfortunate reality of our industry which we strive to reduce. Damaged items, we agree, are unacceptable and we will do whatever is within our power to make it right.

RMA Identification: Unfortunately, if an item is shipped to Injured Gadgets without identification, processing will be delayed significantly. Though our team members will make every attempt to identify mystery shipments, we can not guarantee their successful processing. These items go into our “status pending - more information needed” queue and are recycled after 30 days (if ownership can not be uncovered). If you have sent in an RMA and have not received notification of its completion within 10 day please contact the RMA department at returns@injuredgadgets.com. We usually operate on a 72 hour or less turnaround time conditions permitting.

Labels: We only provide labels for defective or non-working items. If you are returning an item because it is no longer needed or accidentally purchased you must ship the item(s) back at your expense. You can purchase a label from us at the reduced rate of $5.00 which can be directly deducted from your RMA. Injured Gadgets provides 1 free return label for every $500 in prior month spend. Up to 4 labels per month. Outside of this, we offer return labels for $5 if you do not meet our spending requirements. At this time we cannot provide labels for international shipments due to customs constraints.

Smart home:  All Smart Home Hardware is not eligible for return. The warranties will be handled directly by the manufacturers at their discretion. The warranty period is as follows per brand: iView (6 months), Eufy (1 year), Ultraloq (1 year), Kasa Smart (2 years).

TBK Lasers:  We provide the best warranty and support worldwide. If any parts go out on your Laser Machine we provide a 90 day parts warranty! If we are unable to help you troubleshoot, we will happily send you a label to return the item back to us so that we can repair it!       If for any reason you choose within 30 days that you don’t want the item, we will gladly take it back for a full refund!  Lastly, if there are any technical issues in the first 12 months we provide absolutely free tech support and troubleshooting.

LS2 lasers are covered parts and repairs for up to one year and if for any reason you choose within 30 days that you don’t want the item, we will gladly take it back for a full refund!

Devices: You simply need to send an email to devices@injuredgadgets.com relaying that you would like to return a device, what the order the device is with, the IMEI of the device, the concern you have with the device, and whether you are looking for refund, credit, or exchange. All devices are shipped with a 60 day warranty for Buyer’s Remorse or functional concerns that may become present with the unit. Devices that have encountered damage as a result of independent usage or exposure to water/moisture are not covered under the warranty.

Protection Pro: Miscuts, bubbles and lifting will be covered under warranty. The films must be returned with the RMA.  Machines will be covered under the same RMA policy as listed above as long as you continue to purchase films from Injured Gadgets. If you do not have recent film purchases the machine will not be warrantied.  

Any transfers of store credit balances are subject to a 15% Service Fee.  Store credit balances cannot be transferred to other accounts or sold to other customers.




Injured Gadgets reserves the right to alter our change our return policy at any time. Any customer that is deemed to be abusing our generous return policy can be subjected to more firm and stricter policies.   Total RMA’s exceeding  more than 25% of your previous 90 day purchase total is considered policy abuse and can be rejected.


Injured Gadgets' returns/exchanges/warranty policies are subject to change at any time, and no warning or notice is necessary.